1989 St. Bernard Parish passes a Home Rule Charter that contains a League authored merit system of public employment. Any change will have to be by public vote.

1990 An amendment was passed by the legislature with the League’s help to improve the civil service system for the City of New Iberia. The League worked with the City Council to help implement changes and improvement of the system.

1993 After an unsuccessful attempt to pass a legislative act to vastly improve the City of Thibodaux‘s civil service law, the League was instrumental in having the City Council establish a charter commission to propose a civil service amendment. The League publicized the issue and was instrumental in its passage.

1994 After several years of trying to implement a new civil service system for Rapides Parish, the League was successful in writing a new civil service law that was approved by the legislature. This system now gives employees of the parish protection from political coercion and promotion based on merit.

1995 The League sponsored a successful petition drive in Plaquemines Parish that forced the Parish Council to place a civil service constitution provision on the ballot. It was passed by a wide majority.

1996 At the request of the Lafayette City/Parish Charter Commission, the League authored a civil service amendment to be included in the new consolidated government. The system was approved by the voters and has vastly improved the merit personnel system in City/Parish government.

1996 The League advised a Lafourche Parish civil service charter commission appointed by the parish council on how to improve a civil service system that is now contained in the Home Rule Charter.

1997 The League sponsored a new legislative act for the City of Alexandria that greatly improved the system under which they previously operated.

1999 The League sponsored a petition drive in Kenner to place a constitutional civil service system on the ballot. The drive was successful in educating the public on the advantage of a true a merit system.

2000 The League worked closely with the Thibodaux Home Rule Charter Commission to insure that the new charter would contain strong merit principles.

2004 A Home Rule Charter Commission was formed for the City of Donaldsonville. The League convinced them of the need for the inclusion of a merit system.

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