2005 After Hurricane Katrina caused massive layoffs, the League monitored affected systems to insure politics was not a factor.

2006 Kenner citizens overwhelmingly approved an amendment to their Home Rule Charter, replacing the “spoils system” with a true merit system.

2008 The League worked closely with the State Department of Civil Service and the Legislature to pass a finance dislosure bill that requires realistic reporting by members of Civil Service Commissions in Louisiana.

2009 The League authored amendments to the Mandeville Civil Service Act that vastly improved its operation and helped guide it through the Legislature.


Our Next 50 years …

The League will extend merit systems into Municipalities and Parishes where the outmoded “spoils systems” still exist.

The League will get “Little Hatch Act” coverage for sheriff’s deputies and employees of clerks of court and assessors.

The League will continue to monitor systems throughout the State to assure that laws are being fairly and adequately applied.

The League will make sure that managers use the methods available to them to fire incompetent or “deadhead” employees.

The League will make sure that the competent employees are retained and protected from political coercion by retention of our unique “Little Hatch Act.”

The League will continue to strive for improvement in civil service laws while retaining basic merit principles.

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