The Louisiana Civil Service League

Established in 1940, the Louisiana Civil Service League serves as a “watchdog” for our public payrolls to protect your interests in public employment because:

* government business is your business
* government payrolls are your payrolls
* government costs are your costs

Highlights of the League’s first 70 years of commitment to the Taxpayers of our State:

1940 The Louisiana Civil Service League is formed under the leadership of Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. and a group of reform-minded citizens. After the election of Governor Sam H. Jones, in the wake of Louisiana Scandals, at the urging of the League, the newly elected Legislature passes the Original Civil Service Law, replacing the outmoded spoils system.

1942 A similar system is established for employees of the City of New Orleans with the League’s guidance.

1948 State Civil Service is abolished by the legislature and controlled by the newly elected Governor Earl K. Long.

1949 The City of Baton Rouge establishes a civil service system with the League’s assistance.

1952 With the election of Robert Kennon as Governor, the League leads a statewide educational effort and merit civil service is restored for state employees by a 4-1 vote. This time it is placed in the state constitution where it can only be removed by a vote of the people. Louisiana’s unique “Little Hatch Act” is also added, at the League’s urging, giving New Orleans and State classified employees protection from political coercion.

1954 The City of Alexandria institutes an exemplary merit civil service system with the advice and help of the League.

1957 With the assistance of the League, Civil Service is established and placed in the Home Rule Charter of Jefferson Parish, where it can only be abolished by the voters of the parish.

1958 The City of Lafayette, with the urging of the League, passes a legislative act creating Civil Service.

1959 The Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Career Service Awards are established in honor of the League’s founder and author of Louisiana’s unique civil service law. This award, which has been given annually, honors the outstanding classified employees in state, parochial, and municipal merit systems. Over 800 classified employees have been honored.

1962 The City of Opelousas established a civil service system with the League’s help.

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